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Projects Involving XCRI

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Title Short description Completion Date Lead Institution

CUMULUS project

The project addressed institutional inertia in large monolithic business systems and showed that hosting applications in the "cloud" and using SOA can offer new flexibility for institutions better to match business need with system availability. The project included mapping ACMS data to XCRI r1.0.

University of Roehampton

ENABLE, Staffs University

The project has been sponsored by JISC and will enable Staffordshire University to join together its various change initiatives around curriculum development into a coherent and radical overall change process, which will ensure all stakeholder needs are understood, and identify overlooked issues, bringing them into the consciousness of the senior management team. 2012-06 Staffs University

Integrated Programme and Module System, University of Exeter

iPaMS was a JISC funded project to develop a programme and module management system. 2011-02

University of Exeter

SRC, Supporting Responsive Curricula

The Supporting Responsive Curricula Project is one of 12 Projects that JISC funded under its Curriculum Design Call. The project's first task was to define the needs of employers and professional bodies in terms of competences. Secondly, the project will examine MMU’s internal review and modification processes in an attempt to improve and speed-up the process of modifying and creating courses and units. Thirdly, the project will support students in showcasing the competences associated with the units they are studying in order to publish them electronically for employers and professional bodies to view.


Manchester Metropolitan University

XCRI Support Project

The project supported the further development and use of the XCRI specification. 2011-08


14-19 Area Prospectus XCRI Aggregation Pilot

Piloting the use of XCRI within the East Midlands region to facilitate the movement and aggregation of courses data from learning providers, area prospectuses and a regional progression pathways system. 2010-06 Centre for International ePortfolio Development at University of Nottingham

ASAP, Advanced Search Algorithm Protocol

A prototype service for accurate subject searching
InGenius Solutions Ltd

BoXCRIp, University of Bolton mini-project report

The objective of BoXCRIP was to implement and test the XCRI schema against the full University course catalogue containing undergraduate, postgraduate, FE, CPD and short courses and their sub-components. 2007-08 University of Bolton

Bolton University, Module Database mini-project,  final report

The module database was redesigned and implemented as a core piece of information architecture to support new approaches to course development, promotion, information sharing and reuse. 2010-11 University of Bolton

Culture Campus Liverpool Portal (CCLiP) project

The Culture Campus Liverpool Portal (CCLiP) project was funded by the JISC, to develop and implement the use of appropriate technologies and processes to enable HE-level learning services that meet the needs of learners in the workplace, and of their employers. 2010-09 Culture Campus Liverpool Portal (CCLiP)

Dynamic Learning Maps: Newcastle University

Dynamic web-based maps are a fusion of formal curriculum maps, personal learning records, and community-driven maps.
Newcastle University

Edge Hill University -XCRI at Edge Hill report

Edge Hill University's XCRI courses information project 2008-08 Edge Hill University


Using XCRI-CAP for sharing workshop information

HudXCRI, University of Huddersfield mini-project report

This project tested the state of readiness of The University of Huddersfield’s databases and record systems for XCRi-CAP implementation. 2009-04 University of Huddersfield

University of Hull - CPD for Health and Social Care, mini-project, final report

Final report of the University of Hull CPD for Health and Social Care XCRI mini-project 2010-08 University of Hull


Supporting the MOVE lifelong learning network by automating the input of course information from a sample of partner colleges using XCRI, through a system based on ioNodes. 2008-01 MOVE lifelong learning network

MUSKET, Middlesex University Skills and Education Planning Tool project

Project to deliver two software tools: one that will allow non-technical specialists to import MS Word documents containing course descriptions, provide semantic mark-up, and export into the JISC XCRI-CAP standard creating a database; one that will support employer-led learner route planning.

2011-08 Middlesex University

OCCAM, The Open University mini-project report

Final report and further information about OCCAM, the Open University's XCRI-CAP 1.0 mini-project 2007-09 The Open University

OXCRI, University of Oxford mini-project report

Final report of the OXCRI mini-project, involving Oxford University Computing Services, Oxford University Careers Service and Department of Continuing Education 2007-10 Oxford University

North East XCRI Test-bed (NEXT), Newcastle University (with Durham University), mini-project,  final report

The North East XCRI Test-bed (NEXT) mini-project investigated the application of XCRI, in a number of contexts including support for education and training delivered by multiple providers. 2010-11 Newcastle University (with Durham University)

Postgraduate Research Administration Module (PRAM), University of Nottingham

The project aimed to disaggregate the Unit4’s Agresso Student Management product to provide a free standing module for the administration of postgraduate research students. The resulting module will integrate with existing systems through a suite of web services and an enterprise service bus interfaces.
2011-06 University of Nottingham

Programme Specifications Domain Map (P-SPEX) project, Thames Valley University

This project undertook a case study based analysis of the business domain impacting and containing all interactions with Programme Specification production and usage. The case study was used to develop a Domain Map for Programme Specification. The Domain Map delivered from the project included a variety of models, descriptions and implemented Java based services for submission to the E-Framework.
Thames Valley University

ROBOT-XCRI, University of Nottingham, mini-project, final report

Final report and further information about ROBOT-XCRI, University of Nottingham's XCRI mini-project working with Aimhigher in the East Midlands 2010-08 University of Nottingham

SALAMI, Shared Aggregation of LAbour Market Information

The aim of this project is to develop a shared IT-as-a-service for learners, employees and institutions which accepts standardised course information from an XCRI data feed and exports a dynamic summary of relevant Labour Market Information (LMI) in an appropriate template to the sending institution. 2011-08 University of Nottingham

SAMSON, Shared Architecture for eMployer, Student and Organisational Networking

SAMSON, a JISC-funded project, focused on providing a joined-up experience for Nottingham postgraduates on work placements. 2011-05 University of Nottingham

SOLVS (Supporting Ongoing Learning in Vocational Settings)

A learner portal for each sector (Health and Social Care and Creative Businesses) will enable learners in employment to plan routes for their career and personal development, and provide ways to search for learning opportunities from multiple providers that fit their needs.

StaffsXCRI, Staffordshire University mini-project report

Our project aimed to develop a course catalogue that could export data in XCRI-CAP.
Staffs University


A test implementation of XCRI-CAP at the University of Worcester. 2009-05 University of Worcester

West Cheshire College XCRI mini-project report

The aim of the project was to pilot both the generation of XCRI-CAP within the FE sector and also the exporting of the college’s course information using XCRI-CAP into an appropriate web service.

2008-09 West Cheshire College
WYXCRI CPD, University of Huddersfield, mini-project, final report West Yorkshire Lifelong Learning Network's XCRI-CAP mini-project. The project produced a software interface to permit XCRI-CAP enabled keying of CPD course information and output of it via a web service.
2010-08 University of Huddersfield

X-CERP, University of Wales Institute, Cardiff (UWIC), mini-project, final report

University of Wales Institute Cardiff's XCRI-CAP mini-project 2010-10 University of Wales Institute, Cardiff (UWIC)

XCRIKe, Kent

The XCRI mini-project provides a great opportunity to allow the University of Kent to provide searchable course information on its own web pages, while providing the same information to other institutions through the XCRI standard. 2008-08 Kent


Manchester Metropolitan University's XCRI mini-project 2007-09 MMU

XCRI Implementation Models (XIM) project

XCRI Implementation Models (XIM) project - synthesis of good practice to 2008 2008 APS Ltd

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