We've nearly finished giving the XCRI Knowledge Base a face lift.

In the summer of this year... Starting again. Earlier this year during the months that sometimes are called 'summer', JISC invited higher education institutions to review the XCRI Self-assessment Framework and XCRI Knowledge Base, so that we could make revisions prior to the Course Data programme due to begin in the autumn. Six institutions were commissioned to do the review and as a result JISC has commissioned some revisions. These are now coming to fruition.

The revised XCRI Self-assessment Framework is at http://xcrisaf.igsl.co.uk/. Please have a look; you should find it easier to use.

The XCRI Knowledge Base work is nearly finished. If you'd like to have a preview and perhaps make comments prior to the revised site going public, please have a look here: https://xcri.co.uk/home.html, and send any comments to the This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .