I've been amending v1.6 of the Data Definitions document and v2.0 of the Vocabulary Framework for a few days now. Rather more has come up than expected - therefore it's a bit later than I'd originally wanted.

Current burning issues include:

  • Licencing
  • Namespaces and how to use them correctly - introduction of a schema (and associated namespace) for CourseDataProgramme extensions and new data types
  • Which items should be mandatory and which preferred (qualification >> identifier, provider >> description in particular)
  • How to handle postal addresses
  • Phone numbers for international students
  • Use of markup (or not) in descriptive elements
  • Should presentation >> title inherit from course >> title?
  • Publication of the first VDEX vocabularies for the Course Data Programme
  • Difficulties of using URIs as identifiers
  • Content of <cost> element
  • Use of entity references in XML instances

There's also a vocabularies meeting run by CETIS this week, at which those interested in practical action have an opportunity to offer 'motivating pitches' about why vocabularies are important, and to engage in discussions about a way forward for managing them.